What I hate about Christmas

A logistical operation, matched only by major military campaigns, underpins a futile consumer orgy of waste.


Flashing santas.

Christmas singles.

Gold fake Christmas trees.

Being asked, “Good Christmas?” by people who don’t care what the answer is.

Eastenders annual despairfest and cliched cockerney community spirit.

Worthy televisual nonsense featuring pillars of the British Acting Community – Judy Dench, Patrick Stewart, Kenneth Branagh et al.

Cheap nasty ‘seasonal merchandise’ cynically materialising everywhere.

The inability of organisations and people to function correctly for two months either side of Christmas like it caught them by surprise.

Manufactured jollity.

Deferential royal propaganda.

The endless speculation about whether it will be a white Christmas – then the endless weather warnings and chaos when it snows.

The sharp contrast between my comfortable well padded holiday and the sadness and suffering all round.

Watching too much telly.

The intensity of it all.

Missing people I’ve loved – very much.

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