Graphic frenzy

Mariscal – his name adopted from a philandering grandfather – designed the famous Cobi mascot used during the Barcelona Olympics in 92. His studio site is a quality piece of work, blending thoughtful personal philosophy with some wonderful images of his prolific and distinctly Spanish work. The studio designed the visual identity for the Glasgow Lighthouse and took visual cues from the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect of the building.


I’ve never seen this before but apparently it’s a vastly popular site.

Portraiture at it’s most elemental. Minipops use pixels most sparingly to caricature celebs. Worryingly addictive.

On the same site:

10 fun things to do over C*******s.

Even more C*******s cheer.

Last minute

Fret no more – that gift problem is solved. Who’s heart would not melt upon receiving the Princess Diana clock? Hurry now to order before he runs out of Pritstick.


From B3TA comes their rude ripoff of Bandaid. [Some of us addressed this theme previously] With a strangely familiar masthead in the opening frame. Surely they wouldn’t? The vid is very funny if you’re sick to the back teeth of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

[ A. I think they probably do by now – shut the f**k up ]

Thought for the day

“Birth is circumstantial. To whom one is born and when and where one is born, amounts to nothing more than circumstances. What is important after birth is to not confuse these circumstances with essences.”


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