Serious rape vs non-serious rape

Seventy year old Kenneth Clarke QC, MP – our illustrious justice secretary. The ‘face of modern justice’ (see above) apparently believes that some rapes are more serious than others. Understandably, quite a few people are quite upset by this. Now quite a few of those people want him to resign. This old fart has been hanging around for years occupying various high offices of state. Nothing seems to get rid of him. One has to wonder whether this old boy (Nottingham High School, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)  is being kept in place by his network, not because of his finely honed legal skills and empathy for modern sensibilities. Can’t see him lasting much longer if Media-Friendly Dave doesn’t want to alienate vast swathes of the electorate. Will be interesting to see if Kenny manages to hang on and we will draw our own conclusions if he does.

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  1. Blue Witch Says:

    I have to say I agree with him (and so does everyone else I’ve spoken to today, inclduing two fellow professionals who work in that direct area).

    Just as shoplifting is shoplifting is stealing, and perjury is perjury is deliberately lying (insert any other crime you want) there are still degrees of it, mitigating/causative circumstances etc etc.

    That said, I don’t like Ken Clark, for what he did to education, and he’s well past his sell by date.

  2. drD Says:

    I am sure that will be a great comfort to all those affected by this sort of crime. Nasty old Tories. Nothing changes does it?

  3. Blue Witch Says:

    I don’t think that Ken Clark’s remarks have been understood as he meant them. And I don’t think that rape is a party political issue either.

    The issue is too emotive to too many people. And there are currently a lot of feminists/neo-feminists being interviewed on said subject in the media who believe ‘Rape is a feminist issue’ (cf Susie Orcbach’s 70s book on ‘Fat is a feminist issue’). It isn’t – it’s a societal issues, and an issue of respect between people.

    And, as Ken said, with which I agree, there are undoubtedly degrees of seriousness, as I’ve just been discussing with LaP. Because, if all rape were of the same seriousness, then there’d be just one standard prison sentence.

  4. drD Says:

    It’s party political only in that the attitude whereby one can seek to downplay the seriousness of the crime, or as I’m sure he’d have it, ‘discuss it dispassionately’, seems to emanate from out of touch right wingers. It’s feminist in that attitudes to women and the attitudinal threats they face from men (as exemplified by our Ken) are still largely unreconstructed. It’s emotive for sure and rightly so. We live in emotional times. Emotion is the new political currency. Clarke and his followers don’t get this. That’s why they’re on the way out.

  5. Blue Witch Says:

    There are plenty of Labour men who are exactly the same (if not worse – those from northern working class backgrounds, to be stereotypical, in the same was that you are about the Tories ;)).

    Also – it’s largely media-hyped emotion, not the real experienced, hard won kind.

    People are told what to feel rather than allowed the expression and freedom to work it out for themselves. Anyone who dares to ‘feel’ outside of the norm is fed anti-depressants by well-meaning medics controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

    People don’t have time to ‘feel’ because they are too busy typing into small boxes on smartphone screens trying to get their virtual friends to replace a need that was once fed by real-life local community.

  6. drD Says:

    Obviously your experience of labour voting northern working class people is different to mine. Regardless – we are talking about a cabinet minister and a senior, experienced one at that. The arrogance with which he has shrugged off wide ranging complaints from all quarters is typical of his ilk. The fact he remains in post sends a message to the electorate.

  7. Blue Witch Says:

    Obviously your experience of Tories is different to mine 😉

    Did you hear Any Questions/Any Answers on R4 yesterday/today? Worth a listen on Listen Again if you didn’t.

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