Massive tossers

“Sent from my iPhone.”

[ie: I’ve got an iPhone – envy me for I am rich enough to own a black shiny thing that you don’t have]

“Sent from my Blackberry”

[ie: I’ve got a Blackberry – envy me for I own a fruit with magickal powers of instante messaging. Quake before me oh serf.]

“I got my iPad in LA when they first came out and I’ve used it every day without fail ever since. ”

[ie: I’m a massive tosser who went to America to buy an Expensive Shiny Thing and then smuggled it through customs to avoid paying the duty]

Update: Apple asked for help by workers ‘poisoned’ whilst making touch screens.

2 Responses to “Massive tossers”

  1. Blue Witch Says:

    Spooky. I thought *exactly* the same thing earlier in the week. When I saw the new (to me) tag line, “Sent from my iPhone4”. Personally I call them iPhoneys. Can you turn the tag lines off?

    Good to see you’re still posting. Hope all is OK.

  2. harriet Says:

    hehe – I’ve got both – iphone is truely lovely – comes in a tiny box and I love it. I also have a work blackberry – hate it – can’t ever answer it becuase it doesn’t ring for long enough and its keyboard is ridiculous.
    But I’ve always kind of love the Gadget, especially mobile phones.

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