Paul Morley

Another episode in an occasional series of chance encounters with Northern Celebrities:
A fourth encounter, with Mr Paul Morley, child of Stockport, member of 80’s beat combo Art of Noise and all round media Kooldude. Paul was sitting nonchalantly on a bench on platform 8 at Euston Station. Dressed casually in black (his couleur de choix) from head to toe (mercifully the yellow and black trainers from a previous encounter were nowhere to be seen). Paul was looking pretty good and appears to have lost some weight. The vegetarian diet seems to be paying off.

This latest sighting was not too very far from the location of the previous one, confirming my earlier stalker like conclusion that Paul must reside in this part of London. I again beg to reassure him, for I know he religiously reads this blog, that I am not stalking him but merely exercising my natural rubberneck tendencies in the presence of Them That Are Off The Telly. And, following my earlier sartorial advice, I’m pleased to see you’ve smartened yourself up and had a decent haircut and a shave. Keep it up Your Koolness.
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As this is now the fourth encounter of the Morley kind I feel it is fitting to give him his own category. Dare I approach him for an autograph next time? I think I may.

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