Hot from Iceland
There are some benefits from staying up until all hours and falling asleep with the telly on. Being woken up by intoxicating Icelandic music on the Culture Show for one. Sigur rós [ Pronunciation note: si-ur rose (the i is like the i in “hit”. “rose” is said very quickly) ]. I’ve been completely out of the loop on this one, I know, because they are already world famous and a major success in the US but it’s never too late for us provincial snails. Best known, perhaps, in the UK for use of Hoppípolla on a BBC TV trail. [ 40 second clip. WMA 850kb ] Evoking the beautiful Icelandic landscape with lyrical soundscapes, ethereal spine tingling vocals and assured orchestration – you have to listen.
Sigur rós will be playing a live acoustic session as part of the BBC Electric Proms this Thursday ahead of the release of their new film, Heima.
Colin Murray’s show next Monday will have highlights of the performance.

TV moment of the week
Featured in HIGNFY, this <a href="
“>clip shows fearsome Jeremy Paxman interviewing the Chairman of the BBC Trust about the recently announced downsizing of Aunty. After Michael Lyons claims that this would lead to an increase in distinctive programming, Paxo counters with the following:
“Let me give you a list of distinctive programmes:
Help me Anthea I’m infested.
My man boobs and me.
My dog is as fat as me.
Are these the programmes the BBC should be making?”

Even the Chairman is trying hard not to laugh.
I, meanwhile, was on the floor.

Return of the teeth
Go on, admit it, you’ve missed him haven’t you?
Grey Gordon is so – grey isn’t he? [ When is he going to stop wearing that bleedin blue tie? ] Well, Tone is back – you can keep up to date with all his latest doings on his very own webshite.

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