When Saturday comes

Julian Clary in heterosexual scandal
“… people shouted “Straight!” at me in the street and Paris Hilton tied me to a bed and demanded a night of hot, hard satisfaction, or she’d make me listen to her album. Link

Unfortunately titled BBC Gaelic community debate TV series no 1

Delightfully quirky, arty website telling the history of Citroën cars from the early days, 1919 through the glories of the fifties, sixties and seventies to the rather lacklustre mondoboxes of today.
This and the stunning new showroom in Paris – C42, I hope marks a new era in innovative design.

The perfect female news item?
Yes, one might only need to add baking or dressmaking to this winsome tale of kittens and washing machines for this to be the ideal news story for the ladies.
[ Awaits major feminist backlash ]

Bust boob
John – really interesting – Major, our former leader, has been fossilised for all eternity within the precincts of our parliament. His bust was unveiled on Wednesday. I was inspired, in the spirit of free market enterprise, to see if I could achieve a similar effect and make loads of cash by flogging off memorabilia of political has-beens. [Call me an ex prime minister] I carried out a full market analysis and determined that with the right price point I could achieve market penetration. However, after Doreen down the road revealed that she’d only ever have Mrs T on her mantelpiece I’ve decided to give it away free. All you have to do is right click, download, take it to the nearest bronze or UPVC foundry and, before you know it, JM will be standing guard in your leisure lounge, oh yes.

The bronze thing The grey thing The fake thing

I must post more = Promise to smut

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