What have we seen this week?

The Leonardo Cartoon. Again. One of my favourite works in the world.
A squirrel standing motionless on a nearby roof for nearly fifteen minutes with a rather threatening looking crow perched ten feet away.
A ten pound tip pressed into my palm by a client. This is the first tip I’ve received in my life. I refused it graciously.
George Galloway gasbagging in Trafalgar Square.
A suit with built in ipod circuitry. What is M&S coming to? What next, underpants with pot noodle pouches?
Some beautiful leaf carpets with golden sunlight playing on them.
A new perspective on the Dale Chihuly chandelier at the V&A; courtesy of Tristan.
The final stages of The Restaurant. Raymond Blanc is such a nice man.
Amazing sand sculptures on a Thames beach.

Northenders – Episode 4
Another episode in an occasional series of chance encounters with Northern Celebrities:
A second encounter, after an interval of nearly 4 years with Mr Paul Morley, child of Stockport, member of 80’s beat combo Art of Noise and all round media Kooldude. Paul was purchasing a ready to eat Vegetarian Moussaka, two portions of pre-prepared pineapple, a packet of beetroot and something he was trying to hide from me at the Euston branch of M&S Simply Food.

This latest sighting was not too very far from the location of the previous one, leading me to the stalker like conclusion that Paul must reside in this part of London. I beg to reassure him, for I know he religiously reads this blog, that I am not stalking him but merely exercising my natural rubberneck tendencies in the presence of Them That Are Off The Telly. And, if you must go out in public, please consider again my earlier advice vis-à-vis your personal visage. The DIY haircut is so not the look for a man of your stature and none of us are getting any younger. Think, ‘Bowie’ and not ‘Compo’ and you won’t go far wrong.
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