Yes, Prime Minister

You walk in through the door of your new job and the first thing you have to do is imagine what your wishes would be if civilisation as we know it were to end and to write this down in a binding ‘letter to the future’. If your country is effectively annihilated do you order your nuclear strike force to :
a. Put yourself under the command of the US, if it is still there.
b. Go to Australia,
c. Retaliate or
d. Use your own judgment.
According to this, the letter writing task has a very sobering effect on Britain’s new Prime Ministers. Given that Gordon has craved power from an early age, how must it feel to finally be in control of virtually everything? This lead me to thinking about what I would write in my letter and I thought that I would go for option ‘d’ because any poor sod faced with the circumstances where they were looking at my ‘orders’ should at least be given the freedom to determine their own fate and that of the other poor sods under their command. How must it feel to contemplate, and take on the responsibility for reacting to, the Domesday scenario? Giddy stuff. What would you do if you were Prime Minister or President for a day?

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