Dear Fiona, you and your Arched Eyebrows can bugger right off
Now that our Dear Leader is an ex Leader I’ve suddenly realised why I dislike Fiona Bruce so much. She’s the female equivalent of TB. Over coiffed. Ever present. Controlled with a Kapital K. Ex public schoolthe most over-subscribed state school in the country‘. ‘Ooh I was a teen rebel, I’ve got street cred me. And I speak like you too, I can do common y’know. Yeah, glottal stops as well’. She talks about protecting her personal privacy yet invites camera crews into her kitchen at every opportunity. [ I sense validation issues ]. Now she’s doing the Antiques Road Show. It can only be a matter of time before she forms an unhealthy alliance with Martha Stewart and invades North Korea on a tissue of half truths and dodgy canapes.
And relax

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