Architecture week – Tuesday

Rochdale Town Hall:
Magnificent civic edifice opened in 1871 and designed by by W H Crossland. Redolent of a grander age when civic pride was not about getting government points for publishing your Health & Safety policy in 25 minority languages.
The Town Hall has a replacement tower designed by Alfred Waterhouse after the original burnt down in 1883. Waterhouse, of course, is better known as the architect of Manchester Town Hall; big bruvver of Rochdale. He also famously designed the sublime Natural History Museum in London.

Many is the night we ate our chips in the shadow of the Town Hall on the way back from the Yates’s Wine Lodge.

The Lions of Rochdale
Neo-gothic detail.
By night.
Nice little history of the Town Hall from the Rochdale Observer.
Hitler wants my windows – myth.

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