Architecture week – Monday

It’s architecture week so expect some envirospacious goodness around here for a few days.

We start today with a question: Why is the Stratford International Rail Station, opened in April and built at cost of £210 million quid spectacularly flood lit all night, every night? I only ask because the station is not open for years yet. The reasons are: a. It is in the middle of a building site – the 2012 Olympic Park and b. No trains stop there until 2011/12(?) because the line running through, the Channel Tunnel link, is not yet finished. I’m sure it’s a lovely station. It’s all glass and steel as far as I can tell. Looks very spacious and modern – for now. But it’s going to be five years before you can get inside and buy a ticket. It sits on top of a major marvel of civil engineering, a massive cutout concrete box lining the huge cutting that bisects the Olympic site – you can see it from space. You can see it all lit up at night on this webcam – there’s two lovely spiral staircases beautifully silhouetted by the 6 million watts of light leaking out into the night sky, sapping the earth’s resources and contributing heartily to homeless polar bears. Just wondered – enviro-Olympics n all that.

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