What can you buy for nine billion quid these days?

1. Howsabout a mammoth tax extracting computer system?
2. Howsabout an Olympic Games?
3. Howsabout an aviation tax scam?
4. Howsabout some domestic help?
5. Howsabout some Zairean mange tout with the ends trimmed off in a nice plastic tray?
6. Howsabout less planes in the sky – or is that more planes?
7. Howsabout some student digs?
8. Howsabout a primary school education for every child in the world?
9. Howsabout selling all that accumulated crappage in your back bedroom?

All that lot added together is a tiny fraction of UK GDP.
We’re a very rich country aren’t we?
Not that you’d know it from reading the papers.

Don’t mess with the animals


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