Apple of your eye?
The Safari browser is now available for Windows. I downloaded it. So far menolikey. I’ll give it time.

Piss off 1
I’ve just about had it up to here [ look where I’m pointing – it’s very high ] with Mrs Minger who I’ve been doing some work for off and on for two years. I’ve concluded that she’s got borderline personality disorder [what did we do before Wikipedia?] . Nothing I do for her is ever worthy of the slightest praise or thanks. Every time there is a minor glitch she decides that I am incompetent and attempts to humiliate me by announcing my ‘failure’ to anyone nearby that will listen. She consistently fails to communicate her requirements and then tries to portray my ‘failure’ to comply with them as further evidence of my inferiority. [And her superiority] All in all – I’m inferior – have you got that? Anyway – she can go and swivel – I’m not playing that game any more; it’s not worth the money, my life is too short for mind f**ks and she’s toxic.
And relax.

Piss off too
Someone in the immediate locale has decided that they are going to urinate outside my house in the middle of the night on a regular basis. I know the water bills around here are high but, frankly, I’m ill-disposed to anyone incapable of controlling their bladder to such little effect. Whatever happened to self discipline, stiff upper lips and leather underwear after lights out? How charming is all this? It’d never happen in Knightsbridge – but the Council Tax is much higher round there. Well, after two months of this carry on I’ve decided that I’m going to take the police up on their offer of assistance to catch the culprit. There’s only so much pissing around I’m prepared to put up with. The CCTV images should be interesting. I wonder if I should leave some complimentary Tena out in a ziploc bag? Could be a cry for help…

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