I’ve been watching The Trap for the past three weeks. The three films have given a sweeping critical overview of social and political theory during my lifetime. I’ve really welcomed the mental scaffold that film maker, Adam Curtis, has given. So many hunches and half understood concepts have fallen into place during my watching. I’ve been glued. My question below, “are you free?” has it’s roots in this. My understanding of freedom is necessarily influenced by the environment in which I’ve grown. My own answer to the question, after watching this stuff is, ‘probably not’. ‘The Trap’ should be compulsory viewing for all electors in ‘democratic’ states. It’s not often something you see on telly changes your world view. This did and the ideas, I believe, will remain with me for a long time.
Overview and episode summaries here.

Vitrolite the shiny glass-like cladding which gave so many art-deco buildings their hollywood glamour. It’s no longer made and this site belongs to a man who repairs such buildings. I found it fascinating.

Old times
Dress like a 1940s manual worker – you know you want to.

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