Let's do Athens

Think of this as the Feta salad for the main course which will be served up in the next few days.
1. The Athens metro is clean, on time and inexpensive to use – why can’t we do this?
2. The Athenian Acropolis may be a cliche but it transcends this as an inspirational marvel of human achievement.
3. Greek people are friendly, relaxed and know how to enjoy life.
4. Athenian food is – wonderful.
5. Tourism is a mainstay of the Greek economy but there are certain negative touristic issues which should be addressed.
6. Something has gone badly wrong with Athenian architecture – a civilisation that could produce sublime classical marvels now lives in a concrete nightmare.
7. The general standard of coffee is very bad indeed.
8. The general standard of snacks is rather marvellous – we like Greek snacks very much indeed.
9. There is a whole dog scene that I need to find out more about.
10. I want to go back.

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