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Doggy do

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Whilst the historic election of Barack Obama permeates international consciousness, commentators are inevitably turning to the profound implications of his victory. The world is, in a sense, on-hold as it waits with bated breath to know in which direction Obama will steer. Environmental disaster, international terrorism, economic meltdown and rampant warfare will, inevitably, feature high on the list of Things That Need Sorting Pronto. These issues, though, pale beside the one that burns most brightly on the Obamaâ„¢ Outlookâ„¢ task list. Yes, surely there at number one position must be, ‘Choose Presidential Puppy ASAP’. Not one to let slip the chance at any turn to appear cuddly, wholesome and in-touch with his fatherly side, Obama pointedly announced in his acceptance speech that his daughters had earned a puppy to bring with them to the White House. How one earns a puppy must be left to the imagination. Putting up with hours of Daddy’s oratorial rehearsal drowning out your favourite TV shows? Not cringeing too visibly when Mommy and Daddy practice spontaneous bottom pats and loving looks in the kitchen before important campaign rallies? Not throwing a screaming fit and rolling on the floor when you are forced into a bullet proof car and shipped off yet again to some far flung sports field for another round of ‘Daddy, Mommy and Daughters in Show of All American Family Loveliness – we’re just as normal as you folks really’. We’ll probably never know how da puppy woz earned; I just hope that checklists weren’t involved at any stage of the process. So, will it be a labradoodle, a schnoodle a golden doodle or a cockapoo? [don’t mention George Michael]

Every twennyfirstcentury president needs a celebrity dog life coach and that dog coach is here. She’s good enough for Oprah, surely she will get the First Dog contract too. Selflessly she has dedicated herself “to providing insight to millions of dog lovers with my unique method, The Loved Dog, for building a relationship based on games, clear communication, respect and love.” Are you moved yet? Tamar is “devoted to capturing the individuality of each and every dog and celebrating the magic in them.” Feel that magic Bazza and watch out for that cockapoo coming to a carpet near you man.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
1 planet earth.
255 countries.
904 (at least) recorded armed conflicts since records began.
2 world wars.
6.7 billion = current world population (estimated).
804 billion ($) spent by NATO countries on ‘defence'(2006).
49th position for UK in Global Peace Index. (Iceland number 1 = most peaceful. Iraq number 140 = least peaceful).
26 different UK Higher Education courses in ‘Peace’ available next year.
32 different UK Higher Education courses in ‘War’ available next year.
220 million people killed in wars since 1900.
90 Armistice Days.
1 hope.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

A week to remember

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I can’t help thinking that we’re entering a new era. What with Mr Hamilton up there winning the Formula 1 world championship. [ What a race – electrifying or what? ] I couldn’t help but shed a tear. Not privileged, not well connected, ‘ordinary’, and yes, a black man. That shouldn’t matter. Perhaps I shouldn’t mention it but, indulge me, it so bloody well does matter because his triumph sends the strongest possible message to the surprising number of ill-educated bigots that still populate our world. What a very impressive thing he’s done and what an inspiration to youth, black, white, yellow – and orange [if my local Tango’d underage populace is anything to go by].

Second, we have the even more momentous US election almost upon us. If you’d told me even three years ago that a black man one year older than me would become President of the USA in my lifetime I’d have found it hard to believe you. And now it seems destined to happen [ and I so hope it does ]. Yes, the world is changing – and for the better.

When the chips are down McCain gets funny
McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live with his VP running-matealike in a QVC spoof. It’s very funny, even though I don’t get all the jokes. I couldn’t help thinking that you would never see such a thing during a British election. They all take themselves far too seriously. There’s also an air of desperation. I suspect that you won’t be seeing Mr Obama doing such a thing. He doesn’t need to.