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S'not fair

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Whilst we long for it and seek to embody its principles in our dealings and institutions, there is little justice in this world. I’ve known this for a long time. I trace it back to the moment I realised that the Easter Bunny was not real but was really my Mum being nice to us by buying us even more treats than usual. On his most memorable visit EB left us a stash of goodies in gender specific colour coded string bags (Eco Bunny?). I recall that in mine there was a comic; Whizzer & Chips I think it was, various sweeties including a cardboard ‘walking cane’ with a curved plastic handle lid enclosing something like fruit pastilles. There was also one of those spinny around cardboard things that you wind up and then stretch between your hands so that it whizzes at high speed like a ‘My First Circular Saw’ – [imagine the risk assessment on that one]. All this by way of recent reflections on the progress of a few individuals I’ve been observing off and on from a distance for some considerable time. Scumbags, slackers, nastypiecesofwork etc etc. And Yet – they appear to prosper. They are liked, neigh loved. They do dirties to poor misfortunes on a regular basis. They are driven by impulses baser than first base on a basic baseline basis and yet they boom, thrive and generally annoyingly advance to Mayfair without passing Go. I, meanwhile, contemplate the future as a Hardworking Honest, Straightdealing Man of My Word inwardly thinking “it’ll never pay”. Should I metamorphose monsterward?

P.S Stevie 02 was even better than Stevie 1. We need more Stevie.

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Well, that was rather fantastic. I’m still buzzing over 24 hours later.
[ BBC review here.] Stevie is a mischievous little chap live, full of fun and playing with the audience. He knows how to work the crowd and had us all jumping around after only a few numbers. As the evening went on, some masterly mood sensing as he built the pace with hit after hit; some teasingly foreshortened but none the less thrilling for hearing them live for the first time. Most movingly the show opened with a blacked out stage, some shadowy figures shuffling around getting into position behind instruments. A spotlight stage left and a little lone figure belting out the most sublime harmonica solo I’ve ever been privileged to hear. Tear in the eye as I recall it now. Overwhelming emotion last night when I was there. Something was not quite right with the sound system – imho. Discordance in places whenever the band was full-on. This did spoil some of the early big numbers. Later I didn’t care, just glad to be there. Quieter moments, just Stevie singing with minimal accompaniment. Hearing that voice, the sheer pleasure he obviously still gets in sharing it. The quality of his voice and his sheer musicality is stunning. How I’d have loved to see him perform as young man – when you hear the recordings, such incredible energy. Twelve year old Little Stevie here. There’s still a really boyish thing about him – very charming. He talked for a little time about the loss of his mother and how he’d decided to tour again as a way of celebrating her. All of us boys in the audience cheered that one. A couple of bizarrities you’ll read in the review – you do wonder at the sensibilities of concert organisers. I’m so so pleased to have been able to do this; a dream come true. Did I tell you I’m seeing him again on Friday? Call me a groupy – I care not.

Tonight's the night

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Wonderful life
You know when you’ve waited ages for something to happen and then suddenly it’s about to happen? You wonder if it will be as you always imagined it was going to be. You wonder if it will live up to your expectations built up over years of wishing and hoping that it would happen. You wonder if you will in some measure be a little disappointed at the reality of the event. Well the time for Wondering is almost here.
God, I’m so excited.