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Dreamails – no 1

Monday, January 31st, 2005




Date: 20/7/1888 14:00

Subject: Tonight

Can we just cuddle? – I’ve got a headache.




Friday, January 28th, 2005

Tsunami voyeurprogs documentaries.

Ellen MacArthur.

Troubled Aurora passengers.

Jonathan Ross.

Paul Ross.

Meet the Fockers – Fock off will ya.

Houses/Holidays/Neighbours/Partners/Gerbils from hell shows.

Royal nazi numpty nonsense.

Robert Kilroy-Shut-the-f**k up-Silk.

Davina McCall.

Gmail account invitations.

Charles Kennedy’s hair (it’s nylon right?)


Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Up at the crack to prepare for The Business Meeting, now at the other end of the day I’m flagging fast. Emotional and physical energy sapped. The meeting went well and my preparation paid off. It’s amazing how positive small events are at making me feel I’m progressing. Another thing that self employment does for you is to change your perception of ‘working hours’ dats for sure. No more nine to five – it’s whenever required. As a consequence am now annoyed that I missed the last Tribe yesterday – this series was groundbreaking TV and very inspirational – hopefully will be repeated soon.

Beautiful sunny morning here earlier but: Is it just me or is it bleedin cold? So cold I have to keep a 2kw fan heater blowing up my jacksie constantly to stave off paralysis. My leccy meter is whizzing around like Pavarotti’s bathroom scales. I reckon I’ve eroded at least one millimetre more of the ozone layer today with all my emissions. Shocking.

60 years

Having watched the painfully moving Grandchild of the Holocaust just now – impossible to disagree that we must endeavour to keep the memory alive. The programme polarised the immense darkness of that event with the gentle and enduring power of family love. And if hope were needed, it came in the bright eyed and wise thirteen year old narrator whose grandmother was the subject of the film.


Exquisite hand coloured photographs of London tube stations.

I’m tempted to buy several enlargements.

via things

True or false?

Monday, January 24th, 2005

5 of the following are true and 5 are false – but which is which?

1. I can wiggle my ears.

2. I have the autograph of a current world leader.

3. I’m pierced.

4. I spent one night in Bangkok.

5. I collect lightswitches.

6. I’ve sat in the US senate.

7. I have four names.

8. I’m left handed.

9. There is an inflatable animal nearby.

10 I’m tone deaf.

Answers in twennyfourhours.

Sometimes I scare myself. The bnj prediction came true. Blindin.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Back on the scene – like a blog machine

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

Been a busy boy this week hence dearth of despatches here.

It’s been just under 3 months since I did summat crazy and walked away from my secure well paid job and ‘career’. It’s been a step into the unknown. I’ve always ‘worked’. From the earliest opportunity I was delivering papers to lonely old ladies; graduating in due course to retail assistance in a well-known-high-street-chemist on Saturdays [I knew far to much about motherhood at a tender age]. I worked out that I’ve been working constantly for over twenty years. Unceasing mental engagement with tasks which other people have been prepared to pay me to do. Trading my own preoccupations and desires for capital imperatives which are oblivious to my existence. Only now, after three months, am I starting to fully come to terms with what it means to have stepped off that particular conveyor belt. It’s hard to articulate but I think it boils down to ‘taking your life in your hands’. I’ve started to really understand what it means to choose the way you live. Whilst working, I handed over large parts of my day to organisational routines – institutionalisation, I think it’s called. I confess to having generally believed the hype: Get qualifications, get a good job, work your way up = happiness and fulfillment. Ahem. It aint so. At least not for me – and, I believe, for a lot of other people too. It’s been fascinating to not be at work when others are. To walk past offices full of people staring vacantly at computer screens. To see people running out of factories at 5 o’clock and racing to their cars. To be able to go to the supermarket in the morning when it’s quiet. To work late into the night because I choose to and not feel put upon. To be at home when the post arrives. To fathom the daily routines of local cats patrolling their patch. [Yes, they work to timetables] To finally catch the scumbag neighbour who’s been leaving his rubbish bags outside my house every week for the past six months. Simple pleasures. I’ve gone through several cycles of confidence > doubt > panic as I’ve been laying the early foundations of what I hope will be a profitable and creative future. The thing is that there are no rules. The mental adjustment that I am solely in control is still bedding in. I feel all powerful and extremely vulnerable within the space of an hour. Most of all, though, I feel alive – and happier in myself than I’ve felt in years. I may be wondering where my next mortgage payement is coming from but, at the moment, I’d far rather have that hanging over me than the thought of another day of corporate conformity.

Grosser Bruder

“I hate to think of what the jacuzzi did to Jeremy’s sperm count.”

Germaine Greer, as predicted, deconstructs her Big Brother experience. [Realaudio]

Meanwhile I can’t help pondering why there are large pots of vaseline on some of the contestants bedside tables.

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Forgive my absence dear reader.

It’s all gone a bit mental here in bignjuicyville.

I hope to be back towards the end of the week.

Saturday, January 15th, 2005

No correct takers on the mystery man I see.

He is Raphael and what a short but full life he had. Genius for sure. I’m a bit tied up so unable to finish my intended post about him. More on that story later…

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Friday, January 14th, 2005

Kept me out until all hours this bloke.

10 BnJ loyalty points if you can tell me who this is.

More about him tomorrow…


We bring you this picture from a billion kilometres distant.


Thursday, January 13th, 2005