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Future Shock

Wednesday, July 28th, 2004

Two recent stories made me think about how arrogant and narrow minded the scientific community can be. The DNA ark is being established to freeze samples of tissue from animals that are in danger of extinction. The intention is to ‘bequeath’ this to future generations with the vague hope that they will be able to learn enough from it to either prevent further extinctions or maybe, just maybe, regenerate the lost animals through some yet to be invented genetic technique. This sticking plaster approach is a desperate attempt to salvage something of the world’s ecology that is presently being destroyed by our activities. How very sad that those future generations will have a freezer full of samples instead of the beautiful planet our ancestors knew.

Carbon Dioxide sequestration is being proposed as a serious solution to the problem of increasing CO2 emissions. By storing the gas underground in ‘gas tight’ rock strata we get carte blanche to burn as much coal oil and gas as we like. Future generations will be faced with the problem of what to do with billions of tons of C02 sitting under the ground or worse have to deal with the effects of billions of tons of C02 slowly escaping, uncontrolled, from strata that turns out to be non gas tight.

I’m pretty sure that the future generations line was trotted out when they built the now lethally contaminated piles of crap that pass for our present nuclear power stations. These are going to take hundreds of years to be disposed of. Caps it all to hear that nuclear is being proposed again as the solution to future energy requirements. No chance of actually reducing our energy requirements I suppose?

Thank goodness the BnJ server is powered by compost – I’d never be able to write this kind of stuff otherwise. [This is the post that was eaten by Blogger on Tuesday]

Bleedin Bonkers Corporation

Wednesday, July 28th, 2004


Showing lots of pictures of bombs going off, injured people, distressed relatives of murdered people, starving people, homeless people etc etc etc.


Showing lots of pictures of Eminem grabbing his crotch on Top of The Pops.

Handy hint

“If a door feels hot, do not open it, as it probably means there is a hot hot disco party on the other side.”


I’m off for wee break. Back early next week.

See ya later.


Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Having just spent thirty minutes composing a post for your edification I am beside myself that it has apparently been wiped out by Blogger. My fault for not backing up as I went – but I was on a roll and kept going. For no good reason I find Blogger logs me out and my post has gone. Grrrrrrr.

I need to calm down before redoing it.

Bugger Blogger.

This is good. You can watch trailers of upcoming movies. Cool.

Stay in, tune in, don't panic

Monday, July 26th, 2004

A message from the

Chief of Emergencies

Buy plenty of Spam.

Stay in your homes.

Don’t panic.

Press the black button on your remote.

Tune into Death FM (66.6mhz).

Remember – keep your chin up.


Sunday, July 25th, 2004

10 points still up for grabs in the 10th anniversary quiz about the current occupant of no 10. All questions now open to all comers. Scoop away.

Come out, reveal your true infatuation with the minutiae of our Leader’s life – I’ll think none the less of you.

All questions have now been answered. My thanks to all particpants.

Points will be updated tomorrow.

What have we learnt this week?

Saturday, July 24th, 2004

‘Doctor Who’ has started filming in Cardiff – there is an interview with the Doctor, his assistant and the writer of the new series here. [ via a photoclue from Alan]

The first part of the first episode is set in a department store. Rumours that Molly Sugden guest stars have not been confirmed.

You can do calculations with Google. Type in a sum and it gives you the answer – magic.

Blogger is now officially a tool.

Microsoft have finally realised that style is a uniquely European phenomenon and have engaged Philippe Starck to design the sexiest mouse on the planet. I want one so badly but it can’t be had yet – [believe me I’ve tried]

Being a somebody has nothing to do with…the size of your home, car, breasts or penis.

Blue Witch has been fondling large green knobbly items.

Simon has a thing about tool belts.

Look, I simply say to you, your Leader needs you to do the quiz.

Press 1 for indifference,press 2 for barely concealed contempt,press 3 for third world exploitation

Friday, July 23rd, 2004

“Apparently drD, the reason that they can’t come to service your boiler for months is that you missed the appointment they’d written to you about four weeks ago.”

But I didn’t get the letter because the postal service round here is crap and the man turned up when I was at work – can I have an appointment next week?

“They are now fully booked for months because the service centre books out the appointments and the call centre can only offer what is on the computer and the weather has been bad and the call centre is very busy and I’m making this up because I’m actually in India and my name is not really Jasmine that’s just a name I use to sound more English and I dont really care about you or your boiler because I’m many thousands of miles away from you and we’ll never meet and I’m earning about 1p for this conversation”

thaaanks – waddever


‘This wine’s a bit crunchy’

Gallo Turning Leaf Sauvignon Blanc.

Stop! Read this before it’s too late.

Pick n mix

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Why do you blog?

Is a question I have past pondered.

Now they’re teaching it in schools. Holding conferences about it and getting all academic on us. I think it’s like a good joke – if you have to explain it you kill it. How long before someone writes a book telling you how to do it with step by step diagrams and a CD? *hmmm*


I tuned into geezer TV yesterday.

The guy is ironic to the core. Checkout the powder blue sweatshirt and the soppy terrier. Sharp.

Au revoir

Sacha Distel.

You had the ability to attract high-profile lovers.

According to this.

Personally, I prefer low profile every time.

Changing blogs

Thanks for your helpful suggestions for the improvement of my organ.

I’m still open to more – inscribe here if you will >> postCount(‘500’);

So many questions

…remain to be answered in the historic TB quiz – truly the mouse of history is upon your desk. Go now

Behold the teeth

Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Yes, Our Leader has been The Leader for 10 years today.

Thus a little quiz to test your knowledge of his illustrious life and tenure.

Max two answers each – until Sunday when you may return to achieve a landslide –
[ should there be any land to be slid by then…]

Points will be awarded.

1. Born where?

2. Middle name?

3. Prior to TB who was the youngest PM ever?

4. Who is young Leo named after?

5. Which four legged cartoon character was TB once compared to?

6. What’s his connection with the Scouse Git?

7. Why mention those ugly rumours?

8. Which constituency did he try to win in 1982?

9. Prior to his election as Leader of the party which shadow post did he hold?

10. Which other Labour Prime Minister served served two full consecutive terms?

11. What populist title did TB give to Princess Diana when she died?

12. What role does TB play in ‘St Albion Parish News’.

13. When did he meet Cherie?

14. What was supra ventricular in 2003?

15. Where did he say, “The question is: What do you leave behind? And what you can bequeath to this anxious world is the light of liberty?”

16. Where did he say, “The hand of history is upon us”?

17. Which key TB ally cabinet minister has twice ‘had to go’?

18. Which restaurant hosted the ‘Blair-Brown pact’?

19. Colour of flour thrown at TB in the Commons earlier this year?

20. ‘What Tony did next’ – suggestions please.

Get creative

Your BnJ redesign suggestions are still longed for – here > postCount(‘500’);

Saul Bass

Monday, July 19th, 2004

And so to the Design Museum to see the exhibition, SaulBass. Bass was a hugely innovative graphic designer [or ‘commercial artist’ as it was then termed ]. Virtually inventing the concept of movie title design as it’s now practiced, he was responsible for the titles to Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’ and ‘Psycho’ among many others.

The shower scene from ‘Psycho’ has been attributed to Bass. He storyboarded the whole sequence at Hitchcock’s request and it has been suggested that the staccato nature of the camerawork gives away Bass’s direction. Being most unlike Hitchcock’s, usually fluid, style. Very interesting to see the actual storyboard and then watch the scene again – [at least most of it – I can’t handle it all the way through – it’s the sound of the knife, I reckon they used raw meat or summat.] Interesting too to read about how the ‘Psycho’ titles were done using two men, a piece of plywood and some aluminum bars from the hardware store. Today it’d probably need a small army of CGI operators and cost a packet. Bass was a ‘grandson’ of the Bauhaus, having been taught by Gyorgy Kepes – himself a former colleague of Laslo Moholy-Nagy, the former Bauhaus master, who eventually founded The New Bauhuas in Chicago.

Bass often collaborated closely with his wife, Elaine and paid her a touching tribute by including “SB ‘hearts’ EM” scrawled on the graffiti wall that comprised the titles for ‘West Side Story.’ Later in his career he turned to making movies himself and also produced many visual identity programmes for large outfits like United Airlines and AT&T. He also designed some memorable imagery for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Tempted back to title design by Martin Scorsese – there is a moving tribute at the exit of the show to Bass and Elaine by this Director.

The Guardian today published a rather scathing review of the exhibition – criticising it’s lack of background material and sketches; thereby failing to elucidate the thought processes of the designer. Fair comment but I certainly found it stimulating and was enlightened by what I saw. Reading the supporting texts and actually watching the many sequences being screened around the show you are able to build up a good picture of the way in which Bass sought to home in on and make manifest the essence of the films that would follow his titles. His approach is neatly summed up in the question he asked every client, “First tell me what you want to say, who you want to say it to and why you want to say it.” A useful maxim for anyone who seeks to communicate with an audience.

Favourite item seen: Titles for ‘Cape Fear’ 1991 – made using a cat litter tray full of inky water and a hair dryer. The visual intention was to convey the depths of darkness in the human psyche. You’d never believe that it would work – but it does.


Excellent Bass site here from Brendan Dawes. Includes music, quicktime movies of title sequences, typeface downloads and ‘Psycho Studio’ – where you can edit your own shower scene’. Class.