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Farewell hell

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Dear Client from Hell,

So you finally realised after two months that I was not going to return your calls.  This was mainly due to your previously having asked me to do that ultra-urgent job overnight and then telling me the next morning that you would not pay for it because you had found someone to do it free. Now you have written to say that I am sacked from your prestigious project / empire / total f**k up of an operation.

We go back a few years.  I kept the bounced cheque you sent me in payment for the first ultra-urgent project. It is next to the photo of you with the dart in it that I pinned up after you told me that I wasn’t really much good at my job but that I was not to be offended.  Now I will add these to your final email and will place all of them in a rusty metal bucket into which I will urinate at a time of my choosing before setting fire to everything and scattering the ashes like a man released from hell.

I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure.
But I can’t.


PS:  Good luck to your new Victim Contractor, I googled him – interesting history of criminal activity.  I’m sure you’ll get on very well together.
Ciao !

Western leaders !

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Home political scene looking a bit fractious?

Why not create a handy distraction by bombing one of those far away countries that nobody knows the location of.

Never mind if innocent people get blown up.

You can call it a victory for democracy !

© G.Bush I&II, B.Clinton, J.Carter, G.Ford, R.Nixon, T.Blair, G.Brown, J.Major, M.Thatcher etc etc etc

Massive tossers

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
“Sent from my iPhone.”

[ie: I’ve got an iPhone – envy me for I am rich enough to own a black shiny thing that you don’t have]

“Sent from my Blackberry”

[ie: I’ve got a Blackberry – envy me for I own a fruit with magickal powers of instante messaging. Quake before me oh serf.]

“I got my iPad in LA when they first came out and I’ve used it every day without fail ever since. ”

[ie: I’m a massive tosser who went to America to buy an Expensive Shiny Thing and then smuggled it through customs to avoid paying the duty]

Update: Apple asked for help by workers ‘poisoned’ whilst making touch screens.