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Smoke gets in your eyes

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

With massive cuts to public services in train what is the lead item on the news today?
Proposed changes to the law of royal succession. The issue which has gripped the nation for, er… never.
Alongside the present impending marriage of another pair of over-privileged inbreds, this is the latest in a steady drip-drip of dross, thinly disguised as news.  How gratifying to know that the projected progeny of prince and princess privilege will ascend to power irrespective of pudendal arrangements.

Western leaders !

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Home political scene looking a bit fractious?

Why not create a handy distraction by bombing one of those far away countries that nobody knows the location of.

Never mind if innocent people get blown up.

You can call it a victory for democracy !

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Change you can believe in

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Change you can believe in

One cannot help but notice the decrepitude of those appointed to high office by The Powerful Ones. Ken Clarke has always looked a bit shagged out. I suspect this is due to his fondness for Tobacco and real ale. He is also now nearly  seventy years old. What better candidate to represent the fresh, modern face of twenty first century Britain. What better way to present this  than by dressing up in wig, tights, shiny shoes and a gold trimmed cape. Truly the spirit of change is upon us. Form an orderly queue for your gruel peasants.

Change you can believe in

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

One cannot help but notice the strains of high office manifested in the premature ageing of The Powerful Ones. Tony Blair was a fresh faced youth upon taking office in 1997 yet, just a few years later, he was going grey and looked knackered. Nobody needs to Labour the point (geddit) that Gordon looked seriously shagged out by the time he exited stage left yesterday. He too was a healthy looking specimen when first he walked into Downing Street.

After Now the New Lot are in and already we see how, within moments of assuming office, Our Glorious Leader has begun to decompose before our very eyes, such is the burden of Changeyoucanbelieveinwereallinthistogether.

Compare the election poster from a few weeks ago (above) to the image of Our Glorious Leader taken today (left). Notice the key areas of decomposition which have already started to manifest themselves on Our Glorious Leader’s once impeccable features. How cruel the ravages of leadership. How worrying that things as we saw them before May 6th may not not be as we see them afterwards.