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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


Countdown 10

Time moves on

Friday, March 12th, 2010

As I’ve gotten older, something which has become more and more apparent to me is that if you wait long enough, sooner or later things that you have wanted to happen tend to happen. Likewise, if you wait long enough you tend to become part of an established scene and people seem to imbue you with wisdom and understanding that you may not really possess.  This might be linked with the other factor I’ve noticed; if you wait long enough in a particular job, keep your head down and don’t make too many cock-ups then eventually you will get promoted. I find the latter quite sad and dispiriting for some reason; evoking,  as it does, the notion that there is a vast army of time-serving drones who are in senior positions simply because they have succeeded in appearing marginally less incompetent than the ones who fell by the way. The ‘safe pair of hands’ approach to staffing. Healthy, I think, to keep these ideas in mind whenever dealing with senior staff in any organisation. They are likely to be there not because of especial brilliance (unless they are of the get in, make a name for yourself and get out quick before the s**t hits the fan, ‘high flying’ type) – but more because they have plodded successfully through the minefield of corporate slithering to get where they are.  A few months ago I hung a bird feeder outside my office window. Mainly because I wanted to feed Tweetie. Tweetie is my resident robin who first appeared on the scene last spring. She’s a charming bird and is currently building a nest outside the kitchen window. Tweetie’s boyfriend is on and off the scene, as boyfriends are; but Tweetie seems very happy in this neck of the woods and I, in my anthropocentric way, like to think that we have developed an Understanding. Anyway, Tweetie showed little interest in the bird feeder and so it has hung forlornly through winter days and nights, still full to the brim with its unwanted sunflower seeds. That is until the last couple of weeks when something remarkable has happened. Suddenly most of the birds in the neighbourhood seem to have discovered the feeder. It has become a magnet for blackbirds, sparrows, finches and my most frequent customer, Spike, the Bluetit. Spike is an ace flyer and likes to swoop in, grab a seed then swoop off to a nearby tree to chomp before returning for seconds, thirds, fourths and many other courses throughout the day. I was thinking back recently to earlier blog days and how, for a long time it felt that nobody was showing up to read this stuff. Then it all started to get busy, with comments and links and connections being made and all that. A bit like the bird feeder. Something of a full circle of sorts was achieved today when the latest visitor to the feeder was Mr Chaffinch. Life does imitate art it seems.